Electrolux White Compact Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLS210TIW 24 inches Washer and EFDE210TIW

8 Portable Washer and Dryer Combo and 2 Compact Washer and Dryer Machines

What is a house chore that almost everyone dreads doing the most? Laundry! Washing and drying clothes has been a hectic chore for way too long. However, all hail to the person who invented automatic and semi-automatic washing machines and dryers – both portable combos and compact machines! Washing machines and dryers of these types have made doing laundry so much easier, especially for those people with small spaces such apartments. Nowadays, many brands have introduced 2-in-1 machines with washer and dryers combos or very mini or compact portable machines, which can make your laundry ten times more convenient.

1. VIVOHOME Electric Portable 2-in-1 Twin Tub Mini Laundry Washer and Spin Dryer Combo Washing Machine

VIVOHOME Electric Portable 2-in-1 Twin Tub Mini Laundry Washer


Don’t we all want a washing machine that can wash and dry our clothes at the same time? After all, washing your clothes isn’t that of a hefty task as drying them is! If you face the same loathing feeling when doing the two chores separately, you may want to look into this. The VIVIHOME 2-in-1 laundry washer and spin dryer is just what you need! You must take out a separate day to complete the chore of doing your laundry. By getting this portable washing machine, you will not see a day like that again.

Look at its traits below to find out why this product is a must-buy!

• The portable washing machine lets you wash your clothes on one side and dry it on the other. Moreover, it only takes around fifteen minutes to wash your clothes and five minutes to get them all dried up.
• You may think that for its size, it may not hold many clothes, and that is where you are entirely wrong. The machine has the capacity to hold up to eight pounds of weight.
• The machine is environmentally friendly and saves energy. It doesn’t make use of too much water as well.
• Great machine for small spaces as it can fit anywhere you’d like. It can be connected easily, so that won’t be an issue either!
• It is exceptionally lightweight so moving it is pretty easy too.
• It works very quietly and is very user-friendly too.
• The quality of this portable washing machine is top-notch. It is made up of lightweight, durable plastic.
• Every product from VIVOHOME till now has been made for your ease. A product like this guarantees ease and comfort to you.

2. Giantex Portable Washing Machine, Full Automatic Washer and Dryer Combo

Giantex Portable Washing Machine Full Automatic Washer and Dryer Combo


Say goodbye to having to keep a watchful eye on your washing machines during laundry. As the Giantex portable automatic washing machine suggests otherwise! Its name may tell a different story, but its size is just the opposite of that! The Giantex portable machine has everything you would want to have. It’s eco-friendly and has multiple programming levels. Take a deeper look into its features down below:

• It has five multiple programming systems and three water levels to choose from. The machine gives you control over how you want to do your laundry. The five washing programs include wash, wash-rinse, wash-rinse-spin, soak-wash-rinse-spin, and rinse-spin, spin.
• It is just the washing machine to get if you’re living in a dorm room or small apartment. It’ll make sure to meet all your laundry needs as it can wash clothes up to a weight of eight pounds
• It’s fully automatic. All you will need to do is select a washing program level, and you’re sorted!
• The washing machine is ecofriendly as it makes use of less water and detergent. It can get the job done perfectly by using a little quantity of soap.
• It’s not only automatic in terms of washing and drying, but in draining too. The machine features an automatic drainage system with a built-in aluminum pump. The pump also ensures the absence of any kind of leakage.
• The Giantex automatic washing machine gets the job done in less than fifteen minutes for washing and the same for drying.
• Both the washing and spin-drying take place in the same compartment. Like traditional washing machines, it doesn’t feature two compartments. Hence, it saves you the trouble of loading and unloading clothes. It is because of this trait that it can fit into any space and place.
• Its outer wall is made up of premium quality plastic. While the inner tub is made up of stainless steel. These two materials make the washing machine sturdy and long-lasting.

3. LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo

LG WM3998HBA Front Load Washer & Dryer Combo


One of the great things that technology has offered us is getting to control important things all in our smartphones. The LG WM3998HBA gives alerts to its users on their smartphones!

What is better than getting a front load washer? A front-load washing machine that comes with a dryer combo as well! Machines like such give you the best of both worlds in every way. LG has always delivered quality products in every form of equipment. The WM3998HBA is one of those! Take a look at the traits of this portable ultrasonic washing machine that has made this machine one of the best on the market:

• It features a six-motion technology that uses six different washing cycles to ensure excellent performance. The six washing motions include tumble, rolling, filtration, swing, scrub, and stepping. These motions are extremely gentle on the clothes and ensure a great laundry experience.
• After you get this machine, you need to install the ThinQ app to get alerts from the machine on your phone. These notifications ensure the smooth running of the machine. It also lets you know when its maintenance is due and whatnot!
• The machine features an ultra-large capacity letting you do a bunch of laundry at a time.
• You will not need to get external vents as this washing machine can efficiently dry all your clothes without any vents.
• It has an Allergiene cycle that uses steam to remove about ninety-five percent of animal dander and dust. Making this equipment perfect for users who suffer from asthma.
• Not everyone can afford hot water to wash their clothes in. For that reason, LG has introduced a cold wash technology that uses cold water and advanced washing notions. With its help, all your fabrics get cleaned brilliantly on a budget!
• With the machine, you will get a ten-year warranty on Inverter Direct Driver Motor.
• The washing machine is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

4. Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Washer and Spin Dryer

Giantex Full-Automatic Washing Machine Portable Washer and Spin Dryer


A portable 2-in-1 washing machine that features UV light to deeply sterilize the clothes? Now that sounds like equipment to not miss out on! Giantex always ensures to feature something out of the blue in its equipment that can help its users in more ways than one. The following traits will tell you what the hype for this machine is all about!

• It ensures deep cleaning of the clothes by featuring high frequency vibrations.
• Most portable washing machines come with wheels. Where the wheels allow the equipment to move easily, it can cause a commotion. The Giantex full automatic washing machine comes with adjustable feet. It also comes with an imbalance system that balances the machine when the vibrations are beyond control.
• It features six washing programs to choose from and is very easy to use.
• With the three water temperature options you can easily complete your laundry without hurdles.
• Giantex ensures safety for your family. Since it’s a full automatic machine, it will give you an alert if anything wrong arises. If for some reason you can’t attend to that emergency, the machine will automatically shut itself down after ten minutes.
• The inner tub of the machine is made up of scratch and rust-resistant stainless steel. It is capable of handling seven pounds worth of clothes in one go.
• The washing machines come with a feature that is yet still to be seen in other equipment. It has a barrel light that helps to protect the skin and eyes. Moreover, with the help of the barrel light you can continue doing your laundry even in the dark!

5. LG WM3555HWA 24 Inch Smart All In One Washer and Dryer

LG WM3555HWA 24 Inch Smart All In One Washer and Dryer


How great will it be to have an automatic washing machine that can detect the fabric and texture of the clothes? Moreover, it could also know which settings to place to wash them accordingly? Well, say hello to the LG WM3555HWA! It is probably the coolest washing machine that LG has designed yet. The machine is different from all the others on this list because of its AI technology! It is the perfect portable washing machine home depot. However, that isn’t the only amazing thing about it! Following are more features that make it the best one yet in this list:

• The all-in-one washer and dryer can be set anywhere, and its installation is easy too.
• The LG WM3555HWA has a built-in sensor that detects the temperature and automatically adjusts the drying time for your clothes.
• Traditional dryers have not more than one cycle to offer to their users. However, LG has featured over four dryer cycles with this washing machine! The cycles include normal dry, low temp, eco mode, and perm press.
• You will be on the safe side when getting this machine as it features a ten-year warranty with it.
• Like the previous model of LG, we talked about in this article. The LG WM3555HWA also gives you alerts on your smartphone through the ThinQ care app.
• The machine is ventless, however that doesn’t mean it can’t dry up your clothes.
• Even when the machine may be performing its absolute best, sometimes the appearance takes it away. For that reason, LG has made this machine scratch resistant with a tempered glass door. The LED lights of the washing machine are so nice that they bring the whole appearance of the machine.
• It is hard to believe how a twenty-four inch washing machine can offer so much to their users. However, that’s the magic of LG! It has designed an actual all-in-one washing machine that can offer its users the best features in a small size.

6. RCA RWD270 Combo Washer Dryer

RCA RWD270 Combo Washer Dryer


The RCA RWD270 washing machine features sixteen washing cycles to choose from. However, that’s not where its brilliance stops. The washing machine is a 2-in-1 washer and dryer, and the dryer features four cycling options! A machine like this was built to make laundry convenient and easy for you. Look at the below features to find why this washing machine may be compatible for you:

• The machine gets the job done at a very low volume of 60 dB. Hence is it perfect if you’re looking for a low-volume machine to get for your dorm or small living space.
• It features an impeccable design with a front-load layout and a glass door. There are separate easy-to-open compartments for fabric softener, detergent, and pre-wash detergent.
• The control panel is designed by keeping your convenience in mind. It features a big LED display for easy reading.
• It is a 2-in-1 washer and dryer, so you won’t need to get any more equipment for your laundry. It is 24 by 24 inches in size and hence won’t take up too much space.
• There are over sixteen washing cycles and four drying cycles to choose from. Other than that, there are five temperature settings as well.
• With this washing machine, you can set your own timings!
• The machine has a maximum spin speed of 1300 RPM.
• Annually it takes around 22 kilowatt-hours of energy.

7. Equator Version 2 Pro 24″ Combo Washer Dryer

Equator Version 2 Pro 24 inch Combo Washer Dryer


We saved the best for last. If you are confused about which machine to get, then close your eyes and get this one blindly. It is cheap and features everything you might need in a washing machine for everyday use. Let’s take a look at why the Equator version 2 pros are making rounds everywhere!

• It features a color-coded LED display which makes it easy to understand and use.
• The laundry machine is capable of drying large loads of clothes. It features dual fans that work at 1200 RPM.
• It can wash clothes worth thirteen pounds of weight and works very quietly.
• The door of the machine can swing open to a full 180 degrees to help you put your clothes evenly.
• It features smart sensors that detect the amount of water needed to do the laundry. Hence, not a single drop of water goes to waste in this machine.
• The type of clothes you can wash in the machine are endless. The machine has no restrictions on the texture of the material of clothing items. You can even wash and dry five towels at a time!
• It saves electricity and will therefore save you a lot of money in the long run.
• The machine is available for a very low price. Based on its features, the Equator version 2 pro is a steal!
• The washing machine is designed to last you long. After getting this, it will for sure last you a few years. It will also require as minimum maintenance as possible because it features a high-quality stainless steel drum.
• The clothes come out clean and completely dry in the end.
• It features a unique winterize feature that makes laundry quick.
• Kids are easily fascinated by such equipment. Especially the color-coded LED control panel is enough to attract any kid to play around with. For that the washing machine has a child lock to keep the kids away.
• The Equator version 2 pro has given many well-known brands a run for their money by introducing a machine like this.

8. Electrolux White Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLW427UIW 27″ Washer and EFME427UIW 27″ Electric Dryer

Electrolux White Compact Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLS210TIW 24 inches Washer and EFDE210TIW


Look no more if your sole purpose of getting a washing machine is to get the nastiest stains removed within minutes. The Electrolux white front laundry pair EFLW427UIW has had some mixed reviews. However, if there is one thing that no other machine can beat this one at, is in its wash system. Here is an in-depth look at its features:

• The Electrolux washing machine features a LuxCare wash system. The system thoroughly cleans everything you put in its way.
• You can have full control over the temperature settings of the machine.
• The washing machine gets done with washing and drying in less than twenty minutes. Which makes it the perfect addition to your small apartment, dorm room, or RV camping.
• It lets you set your own timings to the machine. A trait like this lets you do your laundry with ease in your leisure time.
• The machine comes with a self-lock. It stops working as soon as the door is opened.
• The washing machine features a trait that is not much seen in other ones. It has a stain treat option that lets you optimize the temperature, cycle time, and actions to remove a particular stain efficiently.
• Even though its features are limited, no one can deny the fact that it is perfect for minimal everyday use!
• For a front load washer that offers such a great performance, the Electrolux washing machine for sure takes the lead.

9. Electrolux White Compact Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLS210TIW 24″ Washer and EFDE210TIW 24″ Electric Dryer

Electrolux White Compact Front Load Laundry Pair with EFLS210TIW 24 inches Washer and EFDE210TIW


Do you know the number one reason why people prefer front load washing machines over anything else? It is because of its efficiency in compact spaces. Other than that, front load washing machines are eco-friendly and save you a lot of money. These machines save water and energy, and the best part is their price point. If you are looking for a front load washing machine, then the Electrolux front load washing machine EFLS210TIW is not to be missed! It serves you as the best portable washing machine home depot.

Here is why the machine will definitely meet all your laundry needs:

• It features ExpertCar wash that makes sure that the machine delivers an excellent performance.
• Electrolux washing machines are known to remove tough stains. These machines make sure to nail that job by featuring a bottom-rising steam system.
• The washing machine has a self-clean system that removes about ninety-nine percent of bacteria.
• Living in compact spaces, your priority is to get a small-sized washing machine. However, along with that, you also want one that doesn’t make a commotion when working. The Electrolux EFLS210TIW checks the box in both the departments.
• The washing machine has an automatic water adjustment system that adjusts to the huge load itself within minutes.
• It features IQ touch controls that provide its users ease and comfort with every use.
• The machine features fourteen cycle levels for you to choose from.
• The machine can get the job done within minutes. The timing of the laundry is totally under your control as well.

10. Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine



Another great portable machine from Giantex. Along with getting an automatic portable machine, we also want one where we can have full freedom over the settings. The Giantex portable mini washing machine offers exactly that! You can set your own wash timings, spin timings, and much more! To know more about why everyone raves about this product, keep reading below:

• It features twin tubs. One is for washing and the other for drying. The washing tub is capable of washing eleven pounds worth of weight. While the drying tub can perform with over six pounds of clothes at a time.
• The motor of the machine perfumes at a power of 300 w for washing and 110 w for spin-drying.
• It does not consume much time for washing and drying the clothes. Overall it takes approximately twenty minutes to get the job done to perfection.
• Due to its compact size and noise-friendly features, it is perfect for your dorm rooms, RV camping, or home.
• The machine makes sure to do the job in small quantities of detergent. It saves water and detergent and hence will save you a penny too!
• It’s designed smartly to allow you to use the machine to its best potential.
• It features removable filters for easy cleaning.
• There is no problem of overflowing or leakage with the product because the machine itself drains the water with a spinner. It only happens when there’s too much water than usual.
• It allows you to use both tubs at the same time. You can easily wash your clothes in one tub and put them for drying in the next one!


We’ve compiled this list to make it easy for consumers to get quick access to great portable and combo washing machines and dryers. You can even order these machines on Amazon with easy. Each one of the above ten washing machines and dryers have proved to work great for anyone who has bought them till now. They are currently the best in the market!

Therefore, without stressing yourself, make use of the list by reviewing the information we have provided for your convenience.

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